In the next few months, if you’re like most couples, you’ll spend hours of time and thousands of dollars planning one of the biggest days of your life. Your wedding ……… There will be rings, dresses, tuxedos, parties, a reception, flowers, honeymoon…the list goes on! With all that effort and expense, it’s too bad you can’t have a guarantee on your investment—an assurance that it’ll pay off with a long and happy marriage. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. But you can learn a little more about yourself, your spouse-to-be and this beautiful relationship called marriage with other young couples in an encouraging, informative format that will help prepare you for all the joys and challenges ahead. It’s called b4ido, and we call it a seven-week investment in happily ever...

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Welcome to b4ido! We’re excited that you have interest in investing not simply in your wedding day, but in the days, months and years that will follow.

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What is b4ido?

b4ido is a time to catch your breath! Along with other couples planning their weddings, you’ll sit down, relax and focus on the days, weeks, months and years that will follow the big day.

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Questions? Call or email us. If you’re ready to register, just give us some information and we’ll be in touch!

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